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Road Closures

Five Closures

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Current Closures include:

  • South Taylor Drive (WisDOT/Sheboygan County Project, Union Ave to Erie Ave)
  • S 11th Street (Union Ave to Indiana Ave) / Swift Avenue (S 8th St to S 14th St)
  • Union Avenue (South Business Drive to Sauk Trail Road)
  • North 15th Street (Superior Avenue to Saemann Avenue) 
  • Broadway Avenue (South 17th Street to South 23rd Street)


The Streets & Sanitation Division has 38 fulltime employees, which makes it the largest Division within the Department of Public Works. The Division places a high priority on improving the quality of life by effectively developing, maintaining, and improving the infrastructure and community services.

Water goes down a city street drain.

Sanitary and Storm Sewer Maintenance

Many people are choosing alternative bathroom paper products, such as wet wipes, baby wipes, cotton balls, and paper towels. Many of these products have marketing language that states they are flushable. However, these products are not flushable. Products other than toilet paper are not designed to be flushed down the toilet. They do not break down or disintegrate quickly enough and can clog your plumbing, your sewer lateral, and the mainline sewer. All hygiene products other than toilet paper should be thrown in the trash. A sewer back up at this time, with limited cleaning supplies available, can spread other infectious viruses. Please remember "No Wipes Down the Pipes."

No Wipes Down the Pipes

Sewer Backups

The City of Sheboygan makes every effort to be responsive to a resident’s needs and concerns when a sewer backup occurs. The City has a sewer crew whose sole duty is to inspect, clean, and maintain sewers on a daily basis. They are available 24-hours a day, seven days a week to minimize the possibility of sewer problems. Backed up sewer lines, line breaks, sewage odors, and overflowing manholes are considered an emergency.

A sewer backup creates a stressful and emotional situation for the homeowner/renter. In some cases it may cause health and safety concerns as well as significant property loss. A proper response to a sewer backup can greatly minimize property damage and diminish the threat of illness.

Concrete is torn up on a street.

Daily Street Maintenance

Street Excavation and Repairs: DPW personnel make repairs to catch basins, manholes, and crosswalks.

Pothole Repair: The Streets Division makes a concentrated effort to fill potholes within two business days. During the summer months, the Division uses hot mix asphalt and cold mix in the winter months.

Asphalting Paving: Streets employees have started working with the Engineering Division to complete the paving on Capital Improvement Projects. Streets employees will also repair the neighborhood streets using the asphalt paving machine.

A City of Sheboygan street sweeping truck clears a road.

Street Sweeping

Street sweeping is weather dependent and not performed in inclement weather. During the operational months from April to November, the Department of Public Works sweeps more than 5,000 miles of the curb line. Keep in mind that you may not necessarily see the sweeper on your street because operations start at 5:00 a.m. It takes four to six weeks to complete a full sweep of the entire city. City street sweepers also sweep up after car accidents and often assist Public Works construction crews by sweeping up areas prior to asphalt paving.

A City of Sheboygan snow plow truck drives down a snowy street.

Snow and Ice Removal

Snow and ice control is one of the most important and visible activities the Division performs. The Division takes a proactive approach through advance planning, crew training, equipment readiness, deicing agents, monitoring weather forecasts, dispatching crews and public notification.

The Department of Public Works has started to use brine to treat the roadways. The direct application of brine, also known as anti-icing, can be applied to road surfaces up to three days prior to a snow event. Anti-icing is often the most cost-effective and environmentally safe practice in certain winter road maintenance situations.


From December 1 to April 30, overnight winter parking regulations are in effect between the hours of 12:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. For more information about the rules and regulations of winter parking, please visit our winter parking information page.

From November 1 to April 30, a snow emergency can be declared. Parking of vehicles on designated snow emergency routes, boulevards, cul-de-sacs, and dead-end streets is completely prohibited during the period of a snow emergency. Vehicles can only return to the aforementioned streets after the City of Sheboygan announces the end to snow emergency operations. For more information about the rules and regulations of snow emergencies, please visit our winter parking information page.


Division Contacts

Joel Kolste

Superintendent of Operations

Nate Schanno

Sewer Foreman

Nick Binsfeld

Streets Foreman

Shawn Soucheck

Sanitation Foreman

News & Updates

Recent Streets & Sanitation News & Updates

Road Closure – North 15th Street, Superior Avenue to Saemann Avenue

Construction work on North 15th Street between Superior Avenue and Saemann Avenue will begin on Monday, June 17, 2024.

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Lane Closure – Geele Avenue from North Taylor Drive to North 29th Street

Beginning Monday, June 17th, the westbound traffic lane of Geele Avenue between North Taylor Drive and North 29th Street will be closed to traffic.

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