Sidewalk Program

The City Sidewalk Replacement Program is an annual program which enables the city to maintain safe sidewalks for pedestrian travel. The City is divided into ten target areas. Each year, as the city budget process allows, a target area of the city is inspected for sidewalks that have become cracked, raised or sunken making tripping and falling a possibility. Often times a certain hazardous area has been reported to our office, due to a trip or fall resulting in an injury.

In fall and spring, sidewalks in need of replacement are identified by the city sidewalk inspector. Shortly after the first of the year, the sidewalk replacement program goes out for bid with the project being awarded to the lowest qualified bidder.

Following council approval to enter into a contract with the contractor, notices are sent out via Certified Mail to all property owners whose sidewalk has been marked. (we are required to send these Certified mail to ensure receipt by the property owner). This mailing explains what their costs will be if they wish the city’s contractor to perform this replacement. They are also given a credit of 40% of the cost of two (2) squares of walk per tree if city tree roots have caused that area to be cracked/raised. This amount is only credited if they choose the city to do the replacement. The City also picks up the cost of removing the tree roots which caused the sidewalk to heave.

The property owners are also given the option of hiring another contractor to do the repair or to do the work themselves. They are sent a form and asked to return it to our office within twenty (20) days with their choice.

Work orders are issued to the city contractor who completes the sidewalk replacements, usually between May and October. A final bill is sent to the homeowners by the City Finance Dept. after the sidewalk replacement is completed. This bill explains their payment options which include having payments spread out over five years for charges over $100.00 and placed on the tax bill.

In a typical year between 300 and 400 sidewalk notices are sent out. Often times the owners request additional work to be completed. Approximately 95% choose to have the city contractor perform this work.

This sidewalk replacement program maintains the City’s sidewalks in a safe condition.

For more information, call the City Engineering office at 920-459-3440.


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