Lifesaving Water Safety Tips

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Sheboygan’s beachfront along Lake Michigan can be a wonderful recreation resource, but it can also be treacherous. On Thursday July 16th, Sheboygan was reminded of this when there was a near drowning of a 10-year-old boy at King Park. Thankfully a young man noticed the boy struggling. He aided the drowning boy to shore where he was taken to the hospital. We also saw on the news that a 19-year-old man drowned while saving two children from drowning at McKinley Beach in Milwaukee on July 18th. As we were preparing this press release, another unfortunate event happened where a kayaker lost his life off the shore of Deland Park on August 4th during dangerous conditions.

The Sheboygan Water Safety Group is asking that you remember these Lifesaving Water Safety Tips when going to the beach this summer:

  • Know Before You Go: Check the National Weather Service for forecasts about dangerous waves and currents.
  • Stay Dry When Waves are High: White water/waves as little as 2-3 feet high can generate dangerous currents.
  • When in Doubt, Don’t Go Out: Respect the power of the water and don’t take chances.
  • Buddy Up: Never swim alone - there’s safety in numbers.
  • Steer Clear of the Pier: Most current-related incidents occur near structures.
  • Supervise Children: There is no substitute for proper supervision of children around water.
  • Wear a Life Jacket: Wearing a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket is the best way to stay safe around water.

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