How The New State-of-the-Art Automated Garbage and Recycling Has Impacted the City of Sheboygan

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Over the past month, the automated garbage and recycling program has impacted the lives of over 18,000 residents and Department of Public Works employees. This was a massive undertaking that was a welcomed necessity as our priority is to improve the quality of life of our residents! We love hearing your feedback on how the new program is benefiting your life while making Sheboygan safer, cleaner, and greener!

Sheboygan is Safer

Safety is paramount. As part of our new automated garbage and recycling program, our trucks have 360-degree cameras to alleviate blind spots. The carts now allow residents of all ages to safely transport their trash from their home to the curb for pick up, and with our automated collection trucks, our DPW team is no longer exposed to hazardous waste or traffic. This increased safety is felt by our entire team, including John B., Maintenance Worker III Sanitation Worker. “I like the cleanness of the new cart system. It’s a safer collection method, and we are no longer working in traffic and exposed to needles and sharps.”

Sheboygan is Cleaner

Gone are the days of seagulls picking apart our garbage! Sheboygan residents have already seen a decrease in littered streets due to seagulls and other critters. “I wish I took pictures the last week we had bags because living down by the lake, seagulls are a problem,” said Rick G., Sheboygan Resident. “I have never seen it this bad, but the seagulls broke into every bag on the block. So yes, the carts are great. They make the city look cleaner.”

Sheboygan is Greener

With more recycling resources and a bin dedicated to your recyclables, Sheboygan residents have felt their recycling efforts have increased! In fact, a survey showed that of 2,000 Americans, 62% felt they lacked the knowledge to recycle properly. Our recycling search tool, instructional video, and cheat sheet are just some of the resources to help our City increase recycling. “We are super recyclers! Now that we have instructions on the proper way to recycle and a nice sized bin, we are so much better at recycling, and without bags, that’s a win all on its own,” said Tina W., Sheboygan resident.

Thank you for your efforts making Sheboygan safer, cleaner, and greener this past month! We are always happy to hear your feedback and questions on the program – contact us today.

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