Garbage and Recycling Carts Make Sheboygan Safer, Cleaner, and Greener

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The City’s garbage and recycling carts have arrived and are being assembled. We have a total of 36,500 carts that we are assembling and getting ready to deliver to your homes.

Beginning on April 6, 2020, carts will start being delivered to your home.

Crews will begin on the Southside of town and work their way North. It will take approximately three weeks to deliver all the carts. Please do not use your cart until the week of May 4, 2020. Assembly crew are taking precautions while assembling the carts and getting them ready for delivery. You should handle your new cart like all other packages and mail that is being delivered to your home during this extraordinary time.

The safety of our employees and especially our sanitation works during this time is of great importance. The new system will significantly reduce the number of times our employees have to touch with their hands the garbage and recycling. The reduction of manually handling trash and recycling played an essential role in our decisions to continue with the delivery of the new garbage and recycling carts.

The Department of Public Works will be updating its website on the delivery schedule as the carts start to roll out on April 6, 2020.

With your carts, you’ll be receiving important information about your recycling schedule and how to recycle properly. You can find more recycling resources on our website at As you know, this is an unprecedented time. Through this time, DPW is still providing our essential services, including the launch of our automated garbage and recycling program. These carts will be delivered to homes beginning in April, and the program is targeted to start on May 4. We encourage you to follow us on our social media channels and visit to get important updates on the program’s timeline. We’re here to help make this transition as easy as possible – thank you for helping us make Sheboygan safer, cleaner, and greener.

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