Citywide Storm Damage

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UPDATE 06/17/22

The Department of Public Works crews have been working tirelessly and have made significant progress on the emergency priorities of opening streets and removing trees from homes, vehicles and blocked driveways. The crews will be working on Saturday June 18th, all day to complete removing trees on homes. Please be advised that roads maybe closed to facilitate tree removal operations for the safety of the crews.

The drop-off site will remain open except for Sunday, June 19th from 5:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. for clean-up of the site and grinding of the tree debris. The Department would like to thank everyone for their support and cooperation with bringing tree debris to the drop-off site as this will help the clean-up efforts City-wide.

Please contact the DPW office via the website for reporting any tree issues.

The Department of Public Works is currently responding to tree damage as a result of last night’s storm. Crews responded immediately after the storm and worked to clear roads until approximately 2:30 a.m. Crews once again out in the community prioritizing clearing trees from blocked roads. Once roads are open, crews will be working on opening blocked driveways and removing trees from on vehicles. Crews will next concentrate on removing trees from on top of houses – this work will need to carefully performed and may take some additional efforts. Trees or tree limbs blocking sidewalks or laying in the parking lane or terrace will be addressed later. This clean-up will take several days, given the priority status of the tree issue. The DPW office is logging all the locations and working with crews to identify and prioritize these issues. Please contact the DPW office via the website or by calling the office at 920-459-3440, option 7.

The DPW is concentrating on public street trees and is only working on privately owned or resident trees that are within the street right-of-way. Residents that have private tree damage are encouraged to contact a private tree removal contractor. In addition, DPW is asking residents not to pile branches or tree debris from private trees in the terrace area to be collected. Residents are encouraged to bring private tree debris to the drop-off site located at 2026 New Jersey Avenue. Your cooperation with this will help the crews focus on the priorities. The Department of Public Works appreciates your patience and understanding as we work on this recovery.

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