Benefits of Recycling

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The City of Sheboygan makes approximately 18,000 stops a week on the garbage and recycling routes. On average, the Department of Public Works picks up 64 tons of recycling and 240 tons of garbage weekly. By recycling the City diverts over 3,000 tons from reaching the landfill annually.

In addition to curbside collection, DPW also recycles material that is brought to the Residential Recycling Center at the Municipal Service Building.

In 2018, DPW composted 2,755 tons of yard waste and 1,303 tons of leaves. Over 6,500 gallons of waste oil and 159 tons of scrap metal were also recycled along with 153 tires.

Lastly, tree and bush branches that are collected by the City’s Forestry staff and citizens are ground into mulch that is provided free of charge to the citizens.

Since 1996 the City of Sheboygan has saved the following from our recycling efforts:

  • 295,344,000 gallons of water
  • 16,032,960 gallons of oil
  • 21,096 years’ worth of energy for a single home
  • Enough debris to fill a football field 60 feet high

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