Beach Advisory Reminder

Categories: Parks & Forestry

The Department of Public Works would like to remind you to check for beach closings and advisories before heading out to enjoy swimming in Lake Michigan. Every year thousands of people safely enjoy swimming in Wisconsin waters. The DNR and local health officials monitor water at public beaches on a regular basis to protect public health.

Research has linked swimming in polluted waters with adverse human health effects. People can be exposed to pathogens (disease-causing microorganisms) in recreational waters through ingestion, inhalation and body contact. Swimming–related illnesses caused by these pathogens include sore throats and diarrhea; respiratory, ear, eye and skin infections; and more serious illnesses like meningitis and hepatitis.

To view an interactive map on beach status information provided by the local public health departments visit the DNR's page here.

You can find beach closings and advisories for Great Lakes coastal beaches and select inland beaches in Wisconsin from Memorial Day. Please note that beach health conditions can change quickly, so signs posted at the beach by the local public health departments reflect the most up-to-date information.

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