2024 Wildwood Cemetery Spring Cleanup

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It’s spring clean up time at Wildwood Cemetery. The Cemetery Department asks for your help in clearing all winter decorations in order to help maintain Wildwood Cemetery’s beauty. Lot owners are respectfully asked to remove their winter decorations by April 1, 2024. Any items not removed by April 1st will be disposed of by the cemetery staff. With over 25,000 graves to maintain, the support of families who observe the cemetery rules is greatly appreciated. We ask that you refrain from putting spring/summer decorations out until May 1st.

Some rules to keep in mind:

  • Beginning May 1, 2024, new decorations or flowers may be placed on the gravesites.
  • No tall perennials shall be planted, which would block the lettering on the markers.
  • Flowers can only be planted in front of stones with the exception of Section 19 which only allows artificial flowers.
  • No perennials or plants which have thorns, thistles, or burs are allowed.
  • The maximum size of a flowerbed is one foot away from the marker and to the width of the marker. 
  • No fences, above ground edging, gravel. Shredded bark or similar materials may be placed on gravesites.
  • Dirt mounds in the flowerbed or by the marker are not allowed.
  • Decorations that are made of glass or other materials that shatter easily are also not allowed.
  • Up to two solar lights may be placed at each marker.
  • If flags are placed in the ground, the cloth/plastic portion of the flag must be at least 12” above ground level.

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