Mini Storm Sewers


Does your sump pump keep your yard constantly wet? Does your backyard have a drainage problem?

A mini-storm sewer may help to alleviate these problems.

The mini-storm sewer program began in 1994 to remove sump pump discharge from the sanitary sewer system and relieve backyard flooding. Since the beginning of the program, the Engineering Division has helped residents alleviate backyard flooding while improving the sanitary sewer effectiveness.

The City of Sheboygan will pay 100% of the main sewer construction provided that:

  • The mini-storm sewer is routed through backyards to enable servicing adjacent properties on each side of the pipe.
  • All necessary easements for construction, installation, maintenance, and repair of the mini-storm sewer are provided to the City at no cost.
  • No site restoration is to be provided by the City for the project.
  • A service manhole is installed in the construction project to facilitate servicing of the mini-storm sewer.

The following is the homeowner’s obligation per Municipal Code, Section 26-1002 (d), upon completion of the mini-storm installation:

  • Upon completion of the mini-storm installation, every adjacent property that has access to the mini-storm sewer must tie on to the sewer within 90 days. This means that the homeowner must run an underground line from the sump pump in their house to the storm sewer installed by the City. The connection must be done by a licensed plumber. This is at the expense of the property owner.
  • The plumber you hire to make the above connection will be charged the following fees in Building Inspection when he takes out a plumbing permit: Connection fees for 1 & 2 family residential properties are $500 per parcel, $40 per inspection fee and $8 per fixture tie in (each sump pump and each downspout). These expenses/fees are then charged back to the property owner by the plumber doing the connection.
  • All fences must be moved prior to construction by the property owner and reconstructed by the property owner if desired.
  • All landscaping including miscellaneous lawn ornaments, etc. must be moved prior to construction by the property owner and reconstructed by the property owner if desired.

For more information regarding this program, you may contact the City Engineering Division at 920-459-3440.


Department Contacts

Ryan J. Sazama, P. E., AIA

City Engineer


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